In a blog post shared online yesterday, Snapchat announced that they've changed up the way you view snaps. The update to everyone's latest social media addiction has made it easier for you to watch the short stories of your friends.

"Today marks a pretty big change for Snapchat — you no longer have to press and hold the screen to view a Snap or Story — instead, simply Tap to View!" explained the post. This means that the little work we did have to do, aka holding our weakened thumbs in place over an obnoxious friends 300 second story is no more, simply tap the story once and voilà! Thanks Snapchat, our carpal tunnel needed that.

Other updates to the popular application include 'Add Nearby'  and the ability to add a selfie to the centre of your Snapcode. 'Add Nearby' allows you to quickly add those in close physical proximity to you by opening up the setting and again, simply tapping once to make it all happen. Essentially, Snapchat made us all a tiny bit lazier yesterday.

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