Ottawa's RBC Bluesfest revealed its exciting new lineup on Instagram this morning, and it has a little of something for everybody. Ottawa's RBC Bluesfest 2019 is set to be headlined by The Killers who will play after 90s legends the Backstreet Boys. Snoop Dog and singer-songwriter Kygo will also be performing at the concert which pretty much tallies up the night to being ridiculously worth the money.

This year's RBC Bluesfest will take place on July 4th to the 14th at Ottawa's Lebreton Flats. One-day presale will be held this Thursday,  March 7th starting at 10:00 AM. To buy your tickets and get in on the presale, check out the festival's official website.

Before it attracted such relevant rock stars, RBC Bluesfest had humble beginnings. It first started back in 1994, and the festival only drew around 5,000 people that year - a joke compared to its now 30,000 spectators. The Fest has since been held annually with past headliners including Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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Since its modest beginnings, the festival has been managed by Mark Monahan who serves as both the executive and artistic director behind the ever-growing music festival.

However, it hasn't always been smooth sailing -  back in 2011, 70s cult band, Cheap Trick was nearly killed when a massive wind storm levelled the festival grounds. The stage’s 50-ton roof collapsed as the band narrowly escaped. Thankfully, the structure collapsed away from the audience, and by miracle, no one was seriously injured in the incident.

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Another more light-hearted incident set the festival into disarray back in 2018, when a pair of killdeer, whose nesting grounds are protected under Migratory Birds Convention Act, laid their eggs right where the main stage was supposed to be built.

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In true Canadian fashion, the bird’s nest was politely moved 25 metres away. However, the movers had to do it one metre at a time to ensure that birds would not abandon their nest. The delicate procedure caused a 12-hour delay and was landmarked as the first successful relocation of a killdeer’s nest. Only in Canada.

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