While snow in Ontario has already been seen in northern parts of the province, the white stuff has now fallen just two and a half hours outside of Toronto. Winter is coming!

Arrowhead Provincial Park tweeted a photo on October 24 of trees that have already lost all their leaves covered in a light dusting of snow as flakes continue to come down.

This park is in Huntsville which is a little over two hours north of Toronto and if you hate winter, this is probably tragic news for you.

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Arrowhead Provincial Park is most famously known for its fire and ice nights where you can skate on a torch-lit ice trail through the forest.

At the beginning of the year, the start of the skating season was delayed multiple times because of warm weather and rain.

There hasn't been any announcement yet if fire and ice nights will happen with the COVID-19 pandemic but this early snowfall has park staff excited for the winter season so fingers crossed!

What came down at Arrowhead is nothing compared to what's been falling from the sky out west.

It's been very winter-like in Alberta and B.C. with lots of snow, icy roads and cold temperatures.

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