Hate shovelling snow in Toronto? Thinking about abandoning the whole annoying process this year? It might just cost you. 

According to the City of Toronto, you could face some pretty hefty fines if you don't pull out the shovel this year. 

In fact, if you don't clear the sidewalk on your private property you could be hit with a $455 fine on top of a $115 surcharge. 

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fine for not clearing snow from the sidewalk


According to the City, all homeowners are responsible for their own sidewalks to help keep the community safe. 

"Clearing the ice and snow from the sidewalk in front of your home or business helps keep neighbours and communities safer for everyone when it snows," the City of Toronto website states.

"Where sidewalk plowing is not available, homeowners and property owners are responsible for clearing ice and snow from nearby/adjacent sidewalks, driveways, parking spaces, steps, ramps and landings within 12 hours of snowfall," it adds. 

Residents are asked to call 311 if they see a property owner with an unpaved driveway. 

Property owners are also responsible for clearing public sidewalks outside their property within 12 hours of snowfall if the City is unable to do it.

If not, they can face a $125 fine for neglecting to clear snow on public sidewalks during a storm. 

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