If you want to hit up Bellwoods, you'll now have to secure yourself a circle. The City of Toronto has released new details on park amenities re-opening, along with rules to follow. They also laid out the details about the new social distancing circles at Trinity Bellwoods.

The newly painted circles on the Trinity Bellwoods lawn are designed to ensure physical distancing at the popular hangout. They already exist in places like Brooklyn and San Francisco.

The bubbles were introduced after massive crowds showed up to the park and blatantly ignored the two metres apart rule.

According to the City's statement, they are about eight feet wide and 10 feet apart from one another.

"Each circle is large enough for two adults from the same household laying down or three adults from the same household sitting cross-legged," reads part of the statement.

The City of Toronto states that if every one of them is taken when you arrive, you must head out to another park or to come back later.


There are many other parks in the area, the City points out. Stanley Park and Alexandra Park, Bickford Park, Art Eggleton Park, Christie Pits Park and Dufferin Grove Park are among the green spaces close by.

For an outdoor area that had an estimated 10,000 visitors in a single day, these distancing bubbles seem essential.


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