Toronto's looking at the New York and San Francisco model when it comes to outdoor green spaces. Social distancing circles in parks might actually become a thing in the 6ix. During the live briefing with John Tory on May 25, the mayor suggested bringing the idea to the city to help people enjoy the outdoors safely.

After this past weekend's chaotic scenes at Trinity Bellwood Park, Toronto's leaders are looking for a little inspiration from our neighbours in the south.

If you're hearing a lot about Trinity Bellwoods today, it's for a reason. You probably already know about the massive crowds that formed in the park, complete with people going to the bathroom everywhere except, you know, in an actual bathroom.

Tory was questioned about his own appearance at the park and issued an apology on Monday.

Now, when asked about how the city intends to avoid similar messes in the future, he suggests social distancing circles might be coming to a park near you.

"The idea of social distancing circles is under active consideration by our staff, as are a host of other matters. We've asked them to come back with a plan," Tory said during his press conference on Monday.

The Mayor noted he expects to receive a report this week on how circles could be used to promote distancing, including considerations such as policing and spacing.

According to Business Insider, New York City came up with a way to keep crowds at ease and also make sure everyone is a safe distance away from one another at Domino Park in Brooklyn.

The photos of social distancing circles at that park have been doing the rounds for some time now, and on the opposite coast, San Francisco has enforced similar measures.

These circles could soon pop up at many of Toronto's local parks, even those that might not have needed them this past weekend.

But with the weather proving that summer is just around the corner, many people will be spending their time outdoors for the most part.

Talk of these circles' coming to Toronto has emerged. Meanwhile, Dr. Eileen de Villa has highly recommended those who were at Trinity Bellwoods this past weekend self-monitor for two weeks, and go for testing if they start to have symptoms. 

That advice directly contradicts Ontario Premier Doug Ford's suggestion that everyone who was there on Saturday should get tested urgently.

The city of Toronto certainly seems intent on making sure this doesn't happen again anytime soon.


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