As the city continues its lockdown, it seems that some residents aren't getting the message to stay apart. Since the beginning of April, over 400 social distancing tickets in Toronto have been handed out. Hundreds of complaints are also being received as residents continue to flock to parks across the city. 

According to the City of Toronto, 28 tickets were issued on Saturday. This brings the total number of tickets issued since April 3 up to 401. 

As the city continues to urge residents to practice social distancing to help stop the spread of COVID-19, it seems that some residents still aren't getting the message. 

Trinity Bellwoods Park is the most problematic area, according to the news release. Bluffer's Park and Palace Pier Park have also had significant issues. 

"Hundreds of vehicles were turned away from Bluffer’s Park, where the parking lot remains closed," says the City's statement

"Residents are reminded of the importance of reducing all contact with others as much as possible and staying home except for essential outings to help stop the community spread of the deadly virus," it continues.  

As people continue to ignore the rules, the City of Toronto has had to launch a ticketing blitz to encourage residents to stay home. 

Over the past few weeks, the City of Toronto reported that residents were still flocking to the waterfront and have even attempted to start bonfires and hang out in the Muskoka chairs available in some areas.

However, the city does point out that there have been fewer people using the parks since the lockdown has started. 


"The #COVID19 enforcement team is patrolling parks and ticketing those that do not practise #physicaldistancing. Any 2 people who don't live together, who fail to keep 2 metres or three geese apart in a park, are subject to a $1,000 fine," says a tweet from the City.  

Last week,  an Oakville family of four who were out rollerblading together in an empty parking lot were fined $880.

While a group from Brampton were also charge $880 each after they were caught having a cricket match in a local park. 


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