Just when you thought dating couldn't get any more complicated, a new dating trend has to pop up and make everything worse. By now, you're probably familiar with "ghosting," where the person you're seeing just drops all communication with you out of nowhere.

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Not as extreme as ghosting (but just as hurtful) is the newly coined soft-nexting. According to girlschase.com, a "soft next" is a "brief period of ignoring that lasts between 3 days and a week, depending on the severity of the behavior and how much time I need to figure out how to deal with it."

Basically, a soft next will occur after unwanted behaviour or "drama." Typically it's used by a guy towards a girl in order to teach her a lesson, or to give him time to decide whether he wants to keep the relationship going.

So next time your guy decides to "soft-next" you, recognize it for what it is and give him a hard next (byeee!)

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