An exhibition of some of world-renowned graffiti artist Banksy’s work opened in Toronto recently and of course, just about everyone wants to see it.

The exhibit is the largest collection of the artists’ work ever put on display and hosts around $35 million worth of his work, meaning this is a must see for anyone with a love for graffiti art.

Someone though reportedly loves the work of the artist so much though that they decided to take it home with them. 

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Last Saturday Toronto Police received a report saying that someone had stolen a painting from the Art of Banksy exhibit in the city’s west end.

Police say that the peice that was stolen is called 'Trolley Hunters' and that a break in may have been how theives got their hands on the artwork. 

You can see a print of the stolen artwork below.

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The peice is worth $45,000 so who ever did it walked off with a really expensive peice of art. 

Steve Lazarides, who is the curator of the exhibit and a former agent for Banksy, has refused to comment on the police investigation.

This is only one of many stops for the exhibit, as it will be going on a tour of North America after leaving the city. 

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The Art Of Banksy Exhibit will be in town until July 11. 

Source: CBC

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