Ever had a flat tire? It sucks right? Doesn’t matter how you got it it’s just not fun. Either all the air leaked out over time and you had take time out of your already busy day to go pump up your tire or you drove over something that put a hole in it and need the thing patched up.

Now imagine you woke up and went out to your car only to find that you had a flat tire that was in no way your fault and was going to cost you hundreds of dollars to replace.

That’s what some people living in Toronto are waking up to these days as someone is going around and slashing a whole bunch of tires.  

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These incidents seem to be occurring in the Leslieville area in the east end of the city. Three tires were slashed on one street just this past weekend.

All of the tires that were slashed have small punctures in the side of the tires, which makes them literally impossible to patch up.  

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This means that people are having to take their cars in to get a new tires, and anyone who’s ever had any work done on their car knows that can run you hundreds of dollars.  

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Police say that they have no idea who is behind the rash of tire slashing, but they’re reviewing security footage from people’s home security systems to see if they can catch anyone.

But be aware if you’re parking in that area of the city you may not want to leave the car there overnight. 

Source: CBC

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