If there’s one thing that no one wants to be recorded on video doing it’s going to the washroom. That’s meant to be 100% private. 

But according to a post on Reddit someone installed a video camera in a Starbucks washroom in downtown Toronto. 

The device has been removed from the washroom but it shows just how sophisticated and hard to spot these kinds of things can be these days.  

Via bargainmoose

According to the post the camera was hidden inside a fake outlet that was then attached to the wall as a way of concealing that it was really recording people using the washroom. 

This was reportedly done at the Starbucks at 4 King Street in the heart of downtown Toronto, which as you can imagine is an incredibly busy location in the city.  

Via Google Maps

The post does not specify whether this camera was found in the men’s or women’s washroom of the Starbucks, or give any idea of how long it was in place before it was discovered and removed. 

The post also includes a photo of the camera next to the fake electricity outlet it was hiding in, which you can see in the second photo of the slideshow below.

Recording device found in Starbucks bathroom in Toronto

The whole contraption looks incredibly thought out, with the camera set up to look through a very small slit in the fake outlet. 

This would then just have to be attached somewhere to the wall in order to record people using the washroom. 

So yeah the whole thing is really creepy. 

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