In a letter to Mayor John Tory, Susan Banting, the president of Gamma Phi Beta sorority's Toronto chapter, and other sorority women called out the city for creating new licensing regulations to 19 fraternity and sorority houses, saying their reasoning just wasn't there. 

The city voted this week in favour of putting safety regulations and restrictions on these houses based on information that there was increased instances of sexual assault in these areas. Banting says this isn't the case. 

Via City of Toronto

In their letter the women write that there's absolutely no connection between reduced sexual assault and licensing, and further go on to say that of the complaints received against fraternity and sorority houses in the city, none of them had anything to do with sexual assault. 

According to Banting's letter  the sorority and fraternity chapters weren't even consulted on the matter. 

"While we appreciate the concern some organizations have shown for women’s welfare, we’re perplexed as to why they are speaking on behalf of sorority women without engaging the people this would directly affect. How unfortunate that they didn’t ask us – sorority women – whether licensing fraternities and sororities would in fact make university life safer for all women. We’re disappointed that an issue as serious as sexual assault is being politicized in this way. It is hard enough for sexual assault survivors to receive justice as it is; why are we making it worse?"

The city has received 166 complaints about the houses in the past five years, however data from Bylaw Enforcement shows these were all about noise, waste, and property standards.

Via City of Toronto

The women go on to write that their organizations already offer mandatory programming aimed at reducing sexual assault and are incredibly self-regulated. 

The licensing will require the houses to provide an emergency contact, undergo annual inspection, and comply with other safety regulations. The changes will be implemented in the upcoming months. 

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Read the full letter below

Via City of Toronto

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