Southern Ontario has been slammed with the wildest and most wintery weather all week long which may have you dreaming about summer. Unfortunately, I have bad news for you. According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, southern Ontario can expect a "cooler and rainier" than normal summer this year. Yup, the predictions are out and they are super depressing. 

The Almanac provides a long-range forecast as well as a regional annual summary of the upcoming weather. The predictions of southern Ontario don't sound overly promising. According to the Almanac, spring will be cool and there will be more precipitation. That's bearable but what's really unfortunate is that summer will pretty much be the same. 

The Almanac predicts that summer will be "cooler and rainier than normal." This will be the worst in June when the temperature will be a lot cooler than Ontarians are used to, plus a lot more rain. Fortunately, in July, temperatures will be normal but precipitation will still be higher. Then in August, it's back to the cooler temperatures and more rain. 

The summer isn't completely ruined though. There will still be warm periods. According to the Almanac, the hottest points will be early to mid-July and then again in mid-August. 

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With these long-range forecasts, it can be tricky to know how accurate they're going to be. However, based on the rest of the annual summary, they've been right so far. 

The summary covers from November 2018 to October 2019. The predictions they made back in November about the upcoming winter stated that one of the coldest periods would be from late January to early February. Based on the deep freeze southern Ontario has been feeling, that's pretty accurate. 

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What's important to note however is that the Almanac is not city-specific and, in fact, what they consider to be southern Ontario is really broad. According to their map, this region includes from Windsor, across to Ottawa, and then way up to Thunder Bay. 

Of course, most may argue that Thunder Bay is actually in northern Ontario, but for whatever reason, the Almanac has included it in this region. That being said, Thunder Bay and Toronto typically have vastly different weather forecasts, so it will be interesting to see how summer 2019 turns out. 

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Even if the summer turns out to be beautiful and sunny, we still have a long way to go before we get there. The Almanac also predicts that we will have snow all the way into early April. 

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