An unexpected warmup at the start of February has prompted weather experts to warn of a possible flood threat in southern Ontario as a result of melting snow. After getting dumped on by over 26 cm of snow in the Toronto area - over 30 cm in other parts of the province - temperatures are expected to spike on Monday, February 5th to 7°C. With it, rain and a thaw across the province.

The "temporary pattern reversal", as The Weather Network calls it, "raises the threat for flooding, especially in southern Ontario." The warmup begins this Saturday, as  Toronto creeps up into the positives. A high of 2°C is in the forecast, followed by 3°C on Sunday, 7°C on Monday, then back down to 2°C on Tuesday. After that, sub-zero temperatures and snow return.

As the weather pattern reverts back to seasonal, all of that melted snow will also create a "threat for ice", TWN reports. By mid-February, the Arctic air will dominate once again, setting Ontario up for even more deep freezes. Weather experts predict that colder than normal temperatures are expected to last until the middle of March.

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As for the time being, however, southern Ontario remains under an extreme cold weather alert. In the Toronto area, temperatures are hovering at around -18°C, feeling colder than -30°C with the windchill. Other parts of southern Ontario are seeing windchill values of nearly -40°C. Meanwhile, Winnipeg is currently colder than part of Siberia at -52°C, says Environment Canada.

Take a look at Toronto's current 7-day forecast:

Via Toronto | TWN

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"Bitterly cold arctic air combined with strong westerly winds have resulted in wind chill values near minus 35 tonight," TWN reports. But, mild temperatures will start to move in as of tomorrow, giving us much-needed relief from the dizzying cold.

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