The sweltering conditions aren't done with us just yet. There will be a few more days of below 30 C weather to enjoy before it ramps up to what will feel like 40 C near the end of the week. This southern Ontario heatwave is not letting up despite the rainy conditions we have been seeing. 

According to The Weather Network, southern parts of the province are in for another round of unseasonably high temperatures by Friday. 

The humidity will persist throughout the week, along with the chance of scattered thunderstorms this Monday.

However, the rain won't mean it will be cooling off for good. 

Temperatures will remain seasonal, feeling like the mid to high 30s until the end of the workweek. From there, they will soar again and hit us with another muggy wave of humidex on Friday. 

The heatwave will be due to a ridge of high pressure that will be forming around the Great Lakes, causing clammy but sunny conditions. 

Windsor will be the hottest place in southern Ontario this Friday, with temperatures feeling like 40 C. 

By Sunday, the southern city will feel as hot as 44 C. 

In Toronto, it will be feeling more like 42 C by the end of the weekend, so you won't want to forget your sunscreen if you're heading outside.

However, a risk of non-severe thunderstorms will also accompany the heatwave, and meteorologists are not predicting a drought. 

Its been an intense month so far, as much of the province has been seared by unseasonally warm conditions. 

In fact, the Muskoka Lakes have been recorded to be as warm as the Gulf of Mexico all month, TWN reports.

In Toronto, there were nine consecutive days of over 30 C weather by July 12.

The 6ix actually had more 30 C days this season so far than all of the months of summer 2019 combined. 

Keep the umbrella and sunscreen handy! It's gonna be a mix of all sorts of different weather throughout this week, and it will most definitely be extremely hot. 

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