It's official, the first snowfall of the season is here! People in Southern Ontario are sharing their morning photos of the first blanket of pristine snow that we all woke up to, especially those across the GTA. Southern Ontario's first snowfall of 2019 has people feeling mixed emotions. 

The beauty of the first snowfall of the year is undeniable, and while it may tug on your Christmas heartstrings, some people love it more than others. 

It can be hard to accept the beginning of winter, and technically, it's not until December 21, but we live in Canada, and that means winter can arrive whenever it feels like it. 

That's what we were all reminded of this snowy morning. So make sure to get your winter tires ready and pull out your jacket, because it's definitely time for them. 

While the winter blanket of snow may look like a pretty scene, it has also caused quite the commotion throughout the GTA on Thursday morning, leading to a variety of car collisions throughout the area. 

Of course, many Twitter users took social media this morning to share their excitement for the winter weather. 

One user even stated, "Walking in a Winter Wonderland." While another stated, "Good morning, SNOW!"

However, many others took to Twitter to express how they weren't ready for winter to be among us quite yet. 

One user even stating, "Brr snow. Even the dog is unimpressed." 

There is a chance that the snow could all melt by Saturday, as there will be a high of 3 C, according to Environment Canada. However, flurries are also expected on that day, so we may either be in for a ton of slush or more snow. 

It looks like winter is officially here according to The Weather Network. They predict that Toronto will be hit with another 2-4 cm on Monday, November 11. The next day will see a high of -2 C, so if you're not ready for winter, sorry but it looks like it's here. 

Sunday, November 10 is supposed to see a high of 7 C, but it seems to be the last gasp of tolerable temperatures because snow is expected to hit the next day. 

These temperatures are colder than average for this time of year, says The Weather Network. Normally this would be a rainy period, but because of the cold, it has turned into wet snow. 

For now, though, let's enjoy the beauty of the first snowfall some more.

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