If you were planning to spend Victoria Day outside, you might want to rethink your plans! Environment Canada has just issued a special weather statement for Toronto and the GTA, and it’s not looking good. In fact, locals can expect multiple thunderstorms over the next couple of days, and even up to 60 mm of rainfall. Yikes.

Despite the pleasant weather over the weekend, things aren’t looking as good for Monday’s holiday.

According to Environment Canada, residents of the 6ix should prepare for multiple thunderstorms over the coming days, as well as winds and up to 60 mm of rain.

“Rain is expected to develop across the GTA this evening and continue through the holiday Monday before tapering off Monday night,” the agency explained in a special weather statement.

Inside the city, up to 40 mm of rain is expected over the next 24 hours, with the potential for 60 mm and over in the western region of the GTA.

Multiple thunderstorms are also expected, with areas like Windsor, Sarnia, Niagara and Hamilton most likely to be impacted.

If you were hoping that the temperature may at least be warm, there’s even more bad news.

Environment Canada predicts that “cool easterly winds” will keep conditions below 11 C on Monday, which is a lot colder than the average high temperature of 20 C.

For areas that are likely to be severely impacted by Monday’s bad weather, the agency added, “Environment Canada will continue to monitor the situation closely."

"Rainfall Warnings may be issued if additional rainfall appears likely.”

Fortunately, the conditions will begin to improve by Tuesday afternoon.

By Thursday and Friday, temperatures will have climbed back up to 24 C, which is much closer to the average for this time of year.

It’s been an overall frosty start to the spring season across Ontario, as the province has experienced record-breaking low temperatures, frosty conditions, and even a polar vortex.

If that wasn't enough, there's also been an unusual amount of snow in cottage country recently, as some areas experienced several centimetres of snow — in May.

As the city has big plans for the upcoming patio season, we can only hope that the weather starts to significantly improve ... ASAP, please!

If you had outdoor plans for Monday or Tuesday morning, it could be a good time to cancel them.

Sorry, Toronto, it seems warm and sunny conditions still aren’t on the cards for us right now. 

Maybe next weekend, eh?

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