If you're finally starting to get sick of the snow, you won't have to tough it out much longer. Spring is finally here and it looks like Toronto will be making the transition to that warmer weather. The first full day of spring in Toronto will see daytime temperatures soar into the double digits on Friday.

Grab your sunhats, because it's about to get warm. The city of Toronto is expected to see temperatures hit up to 18 C on Friday as we welcome in the new season.

However, the warm weather will come at a cost. The sudden rise in temperature is causing thunderstorm warnings to pop up across Ontario.

This Thursday, storms will bring widespread showers to the GTA. So if you’ve got an umbrella, now would be a good time to bust it out.

Unfortunately, weather conditions won’t approve much as we head into next week. Strong winds reaching between 60 to 90 kilometres per hour are expected to sweep through several regions in Ontario.

“An approaching warm front will cause an area of showers and thunderstorms to move through the regions this evening and tonight. Some of the storms will contain heavy downpours with local rainfall amounts of 15 to 25 mm in an hour possible,” reads a statement from Environment Canada.

“There will be the potential for high wind gusts Friday in the morning or early afternoon as a cold front approaches, preceded by a band of scattered showers and thunderstorms. Winds gusts of 90 km/h will be possible in this band,” it adds.

However, the weather does get better. If you can tough out the rain at the beginning of this week, TWN is predicting that next weekend will bring sunny, 7 C weather. 

If you feel that spring came early this year, it's because it did. The new season officially begins 11:49 p.m. tonight in Ontario. 

This is the earliest spring has arrived in the country in over 120 years.

You can thank the lovely combination of the Leap Year and Daylight Saving Time for this early start to summer’s pre-cursor in 2020.

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