Last year, several horrific incidents of sexual assault were reported at St. Michael's College School in Toronto. Even though the teenagers charged in the assaults were linked to the school's athletic department, the private school is already hoping to reinstate the school's football team this year.

Seven boys were charged last year after a 22-second video was shared on social media of a student being allegedly sexually assaulted with what appears to be a broom handle, causing the principal to resign. In a statement on their website, "the Independent Review Committee recommended that St. Michael’s College School reinstate the football program for the 2019-2020 school year on the condition that certain measures are put in place to address the issues the Committee identified."

The Toronto Star reported last year that the police investigated eight different incidents at the private school. Three of the incidents resulted in charges, including sexual assault with an object, as well as sexual assault with a weapon. All charges involved members of the school's football team.

Investigations were closed on the other five incidents. The alleged sexual assaults did not involve the same victim. There were a total of two victims in the three incidents investigated.

The Star also reported that police said there was no evidence of a systemic problem at St. Michael's.

The statement on the school's website also states, "originally, the school had deferred any reconsideration of reinstatement of the football program pending the completion of an internal investigation. However, the robust measures recommended by the Independent Committee address the issues in a proactive, effective and timely way."

The statement doesn't go into detail explaining what the new anti-hazing strategies will include. It does mention that "the Committee will be assisting the school in implementing these measures, including facilitating, working and meeting with the students and parents, to ensure the football program is restructured to help ensure a safe environment for the students."

The school's reputation still seems to be standing strong. Readers of City Parent Magazine voted the school Best Independent/Private Boys' School in the GTA this year. 

Narcity has reached out to former students at St. Michael's to receive comment on reinstating the football team. Narcity will update you on new information that becomes known.


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