Possessed elevators, rearranged medication, and flashing lights, these are some of the tamest moments from the accounts of staff experiencing supernatural forces kept in the St. Michael's Hospital archives.

In fact, it gets a whole lot spookier from there.

The hospital is famous for tales of Sister Vincenza, or Sister Vinnie, as she is more colloquially known. Sister Vincenza worked at the hospital for 28 years as the nursing supervisor of obstetrics and died in 1958.

Since 1965, visitors and staff have described encounters with Sister Vincenza, which often include her rearranging medication, giving blankets to new mothers, and turning lights on and off.

However, it turns out that Sister Vinnie isn’t alone in haunting the medical centre.

According to the hospital’s records, there have been a ton of different ghostly experiences, many of which do not match the description of Sister Vinnie.

To celebrate Halloween one year, the staff of St. Michael’s collected stories from co-workers and patients.

As one story goes, an IT employee was working late one Saturday evening. He was alone and heard paper rustling behind him. 

As he turned around, he felt something pass through him and the wind was knocked out of him. 

When he regained his breath and told his coworker about the incident, she explained that earlier she was watering a plant when "it began to move and shake viciously."

In perhaps the most terrifying record, a porter described taking a break while working an overnight shift when suddenly all the lights cut out and the door to the room slammed shut. 

Locked in the room in total darkness, the sink turned on to full blast.

"There was nobody else in there who could have turned it on. [..] About ten minutes later I finally was able to get up and remove myself from the room," the staff member wrote.

Other accounts happen on a regular basis, like the ghost who wanders a filing room, or Joe the morgue employee who died on the job and can often be heard laughing while turning lights off and on.

If you're looking to fall down a spooky rabbit hole, you can read the stories here.

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