Charges against one of the teenagers accused of assault and sexual assault relating to incidents at St. Michael's College School have been withdrawn. The incidents that happened at the Toronto school last year saw a total of seven former students charged. Today, the Crown dropped the St. Michael's sexual assault charges against one of the accused. 

In November 2018, news of the assaults broke and Toronto Police charged the students in connection with incidents of assault and sexual assault.

The three assaults that resulted in charges were all related to the school's football team. Now, only six teenagers still face charges.

CP24 reports that after charges are laid, it is the job of the Crown to review cases and determine whether or not there is a prospect for conviction.

In the case of this one particular accused, it was decided there was no prospect of a conviction so the three charges against the former student were withdrawn. 

"It has nothing to do with the police investigation, it's not a reflection of the work that was done. It just means that the evidence has stopped and there's no more evidence to be had in regards to supporting a charge," said crime specialist Steve Ryan on CP24. 

The teen's lawyer, Brian Heller, told CBC he had expected the resolution for a while, saying: "It has been a long time coming."

This news comes just a week after a review committee recommended that the school reinstate the football team so long as strategies are put into place to ensure that assaults don't happen again.

Six other teenagers, all former students, still face charges relating to two incidents of assault and sexual assault in connection with the school's football team. 

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