If you’re a student, freelancer, or work from home you can understand the struggle of feeling cooped up or in need of a change of scenery that doesn’t involve your bedroom desk. Finding a space to work that doesn’t involve a spotty Wi-Fi connection or loud and noisy customers can be difficult, and co-working offices seem to be a solution that we can all agree on.  This week, Staples Canada is helping with this issue by opening a huge co-working office in the heart of Toronto, and it looks incredible.

Staples Studio is a new project created by Staples Canada to transform their stores into places of creativity and work productivity. Located within the Staples store, this studio is 4,500 square feet of space which offers offices, meeting rooms, co-working spaces, and even a kitchen.  

This Staples Studio is located on 375 University Avenue and is holding its grand opening this Thursday, January 10, where it will show off the beautiful space that will now be open to the public on a membership basis.

The co-office workspace isn’t the only thing exciting about this new Staples space. There will be an instore Mos Mos Café, available 24 hours to the workspace, and a Solution Shop, which will be able to offer support as well as in house-marketing, web design, and print services.

Chief Executive Officer of Staples Canada, David Boone, shares his excitement about the new project, “We’ve designed this new store with the community in mind. With Staples Studio, a café, the Solution Shop and thousands of new products, this redesigned location is a working and learning hub,”.

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Staples has released a video showcasing the workspace that is opening this week:

Of course, using this space does come as a fee. A day pass is $20, in case you are in need of a place to work ASAP.

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If your someone who expects to come by more frequently, a variety of packages are offered, such as Hot Desk 5, which gives you 5 days a month for $49 and Hot Desk 10, which gives you 10 days a month for $89. Or Hot Desk Unlimited which is $149 for unlimited monthly use.

Here are some of the photos that are on the Staples Studio Website:

Via Staples Studio

Via Staples Studio

Via Staples Studio

Via Staples Studio

Via Staples Studio

Via Staples Studio

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