The Raptors are getting a new player, and it looks like "Linsanity" will be coming to Canada for the first time ever. The Toronto Raptors are now set to sign Jeremy Lin. The NBA player is now finalizing the deal to leave the Atlanta Hawks to join the Raptors, according to ESPN

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Now that the deal has been finalized for him to leave the Atlanta team, Jeremy Lin will be able to officially sign with the Raptors. So it's pretty much official already! Linsanity is coming to Toronto. 

Jeremy Lin will be one of the Raptor's point guards. He is averaging 10.7 points per game on 46.6 percent shooting from the field for the current NBA season, according to Sports Net. The Raptors have been looking for a third point guard for the team after they traded Delon Wright to the Memphis Grizzlies. 

Torontonians will be excited for the newest Raptors player, because he is one of the top targets on the NBA buyout market, according to the Toronto Sun

Lin is expected to officially sign with the Toronto Raptors by the middle of this week, his agents told ESPN. He has played for eight seasons for NBA teams like the Warriors, Knicks, Rockets, Lakers, Hornets and Nets. 

Jeremy Lin is expected to be a big player for the Raptors after they made a major deal with the Grizzlies for Marc Gasol, according to ESPN. In Lin's total of 457 career games, the basketball player is averaging 11.8 points and 4.4 assists on 43.6 percent shooting, according to Sports Net.

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