A band of student protestors disrupted Doug Ford’s speech about tuition fees today after a group of disgruntled objectors broke into a chant at a hearing in Queen’s Park. Ford found himself in hot water with university students last month after he petitioned for a change to OSAP which require students to have a net family income of under $140,000 a year to register for the service while axing a six-month grace period on interest. The changes are being viewed as an attack on low-income students who will no doubt suffer from them.

In the video, the rowdy protestors can be seen being escorted out by building security as they begin to chant and hold up signs which are pulled down by security. It is unknown if the protesters would’ve been able to hold up their signs as a form of quiet protest if they had not become disruptive.

As Doug Ford steered the conversation to Ontario tuition changes, the students can be heard interrupting the legislature by chanting "Tuition should be free!". According to Richard Southern of 680 News, Ford said that the students "should have their mouths washed out with soap".

The students, for the most part, appear to comply with the security’s demand allowing themselves to be escorted out and avoiding any physical altercation with the guards. However, a pair of young women can be spotted at the end of the video arguing with a guard for a second before sitting back down quietly.

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Students protesting outside of the hearing could be seen hosting up a variety of signs while chanting "F--ck Doug Ford" to a rhythm being set by a band of marching drummers also taking part in the protest.

"The Marxist are coming from you" was reportedly a heckle being lobbied against the Ford government by the NDP from within the chamber. Ford had previously called out student unions for spreading "crazy Marxists nonsense".

Ottawa was also hit by a wave of protesters this morning, but on a much larger scale as swarms of semi-trucks surrounded the Parliament building to protest against the federal government’s policy on the oil industry.

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The protests have reportedly occupied nearly a kilometre of Wellington Street, which is just outside of the Parliament building. The protesters are demanding for the Liberal government headed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to halt the carbon tax and two bills that overhaul environmental assessments of energy projects.

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