If you live in the GTA area you probably know that last night it rained pretty much all night long.

It seems that the rain was a bit too much for Toronto's drainage system to cope with though as parts of the downtown core flooded.

And of course, residents of the city managed to capture it all and put it on social media, including this person who filmed cars downtown driving through what looks like at least a foot of water 

And to show just how badly the drainage system in the city was coping someone filmed this sewer grate that looks like it's trying to spit water back up because it can't handle anymore.

There's even these 2 people who were seen pushing a car, which doesn't seem to work anymore, through a flooded tunnel.

And of course, Union Station, which is prone to flooding during heavy rain, was hit hard again this time with someone filming an entire waterfall of water coming down the stairs at the station's entrance.

Then there's this simply incredible photo of a streetcar that's just full of water next to a car that's at least 90 percent submerged.

Things got so bad that even the Royal York Hotel had a massive leak in one of its lounges and had water pouring in through the ceiling.

Unfortunately, we don't have any video or photos of this but 2 men had to be rescued from a flooded elevator by police last night as well. Police apparently had to get the men out of an elevator that had filled with 6 feet of water.

People who had attended a Blue Jays game last night at the Rogers Centre got quite the shock when they tried to get to their cars and found the streets had been turned to rivers.

And then whoever's car this is. Either they took a very wrong turn or have the worst luck parking in the city because it's basically completely under water.

This aerial view of an intersection that someone shot gives you an idea of just how flooded the city became.

Even Scotiabank Arena (formerly the Air Canada Centre) had a massive leak in the ceiling with water pouring in after a concert there last night.

According to the TTC the flood has affected the subway system this morning, with no service between Finch West and Wilson due to the flooding.

So even today the city is still dealing with the effects of the storm.


Disclaimer: The cover image is for illustrative purposes only 

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