The old saying is, When there's blood on the ground, buy real estate. Thankfully, there's no blood on the ground in Toronto, but there is a bit of virus, so maybe now is the time to buy that Subway sandwich place you've always dreamed of.

Because it's right downtown and it's freakin' cheap.

For $90K, you get the franchise from its current owner, who is retiring, according to the ad on Kijiji.

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The average monthly cost of sandwich fixin's

There are other expenses too, of course, including rent ($9,240), fixin's ($8,400), and you need to pass a test at Subway University (which is what we're assuming it's called), which takes two weeks and costs $15,000 according to the ad (but as little as $2,500 according to Subway itself).

There's also $4,600 listed on the ad for labour. Subway says you'll also need money for other stuff like insurance, supplies, and legal expenses, though they're surprisingly low.

Narcity called the number on the ad, and briefly got hold of someone who identified themselves as an agent, and confirmed that the Subway was indeed still up for grabs.

The ad says it's even close to a Tim Horton's, so you can get a double-double on your break (and maybe scoop up some of that sweet Timmy overflow for your new business).

Subway says you're its kind of people if you "possess an entrepreneurial spirit and are committed to building a successful business," and "enjoy working with people, learning new skills and are ready for an exciting new challenge."

The ability to say "cheese toasted" without a hint of interest is preferred, but not required.

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