This past week, weather across Canada has definitely been a bit of a mixed bag, to say the least. From the massive snowstorm in Calgary yesterday, to the chilly start to the fall season in Ontario, clearly, Mother Nature is just having a field day with this country. 

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But, even though Toronto is enjoying a gradual ease into winter than other areas of the country, many are still craving at least one more day of heat where they can enjoy a final patio or beach day before the city gets blanketed in a foot of snow -  that won't leave until April, if we're lucky. 

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Thankfully, a few more hot days seem to be an incoming reality, according to local weather networks such as the Toronto Weather Network. They are reporting that Toronto is going to be heating up at the start of next week. Temperatures are expected to rise to the 22°C and 26°C mark, with one day feeling as hot as 34°C! 

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While there is a chance of rain for both of the days, it's expected to be the hottest next week. This seems like a fair trade-off, though, if we get to experience summer heat in the middle of October! 

Though, even with hot weather on the horizon, we can't seem to shake that the impending date of the city's first snowfall - which is getting closer and closer. Meaning you better enjoy this hot weather come next week because it most likely will be the last you'll see until next summer! 

Source: Toronto Weather Network 

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