Toronto came together this weekend. Hundreds took to the streets on Saturday to protest violence against women in their communities. Toronto's Take Back The Night march was in response to the multiple reports of attempted abductions and sexual harassment in the city's west end this summer. 

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

The incidents have been piling up on social media and have been shared among the community online.

Multiple women have come forward with accounts of terrifying interactions they have had in Parkdale, Roncesvalles and Queen West, among other west-end neighbourhoods at night.

The accounts include being spat at, punched, intimidated, followed by men in vehicles, and sexually harassed. 

In a statement on the issue, one of the protest organizers, Maddie Ritts wrote that "we commit to supporting one another in building a better world — one where everyone has the material security and freedom to travel as they please, dress as they like, to live fully, flourish, and thrive."

On Saturday, hundreds rallied together and were singing, chanting, and sharing their stories with each other during Take Back The Night.


According to the Facebook event, the rally began in Parkdale at 7:30 p.m. 

The crowds met up at the Parkdale Library with music and performances before heading to Ossington and Dupont on an hour-long march.

"We refuse to be intimidated. We want to move and live freely. We believe it is important to recognize what’s going on, and to extend solidarity and support to one another," says the Facebook event

Narcity has reached out to Toronto Police for a statement on the matter. 

Although not all cases have been reported, police are aware of some of the concerns.

For example, there has been an arrest made in the string of Roncesvalles assaults that was reported earlier this month. 

In fact, instances of harassment and sexual assault keep happening in Toronto.

Another issue was reported at Trinity Bellwoods in August, where a man would indecently expose himself to women in the park and flee.



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