Whether you need inspiration, information, or need help procrastinating, TED Talks have it all. If you don't know what a TED Talk is you've either been living under a rock or never want to feel joy again. With speakers like Bono, Bill Gates and Jane Goodall it's easy to understand why everyone is obsessed with TED conferences.

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That's why  TEDxMississauga, an independent TED event, coming to Toronto's neighbouring city for July 26th this year is so exciting!  After a TEDx event was hosted in Toronto last year we have been waiting to hear when the next time they would be nearby. Among the speakers at TEDxMississauga will by magician Graeme Reed, Juice Inc. founder Brady Wilson, and storyteller Jagneet Singh, plus more.

via @bokehnj

To actually attend the event, whether to speak or just attend, you have to apply. This is because they curate speakers and audience to support their mission of bringing great ideas to the world. If you are accepted as part of the audience, the ticket price of $134.00 includes a full day at the conference and admission to the after-party!

Really want in? Apply to attend as an audience member at Mississauga conference here! You can also check out their website for more information.

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