If you remember the drama from last year, you'll know that this is not Wilfrid Laurier's first rodeo when it comes to the controversial topic of when "the right to free speech" goes too far.

The conversation was initially brought to light last year after a TA had been subject to reprimand by Laurier's staff members and a supervisor for showing a video of the controversial UofT professor, Jordan Peterson, to which one student in the lab sent a complaint claiming it made them uncomfortable.

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The result was a massive debate across Ontario on free speech and what should be allowed in the classroom. The TA, Lindsay Sheperd, ended up getting an apology from Laurier in the end and it seemed as though the dust settled for good on the topic with respect to Sheperd.

Instead, the debate is back for its second round the following year and once again concerns the controversial Laurier student. This time the issue is because Sheperd extended an invite on Laurier's behalf to a known white nationalist to speak at a Laurier event called the "Unpopular Opinions Speaker Series" that is backed by the Laurier Society for Open Inquiry.

The speaker, Faith Goldy is no stranger to controversy. She's appeared on an alt-right podcast called RWW News where she said: "we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." As well as being a known advocate for ethnonationalism.

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Once word got around of this speaker coming to campus, many students took the situation into their owns hands to protest her invitation. An interesting comparison to the school's response where they responded by saying they would be providing an "environment for respectful debate and (encourage) members of the university community to allow these debates to take place in a manner that is free of disruption."

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The response hasn't been exclusive to student posters on campus either. Many have taken to social media to share their frustration on what many perceive as the university allowing hate speech on campus.

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While the university hasn't released any further statements since their initial response to the matter, it's presumed that if this debate continues to snowball, they'll have to address it more explicitly. As of now, we'll just have to wait and see.

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