Many Torontonians shared a tweet from the Toronto police this morning announcing that four kids had gone missing in the city last night after a trip to the movies. All four of the missing Toronto middle school kids have now been found, and the police are thanking locals for all their help. The Toronto police made the announcement on their Twitter account less than one hour ago this late afternoon. 

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A group of three boys and one girl aged 12 to 13 went missing in Toronto last night on Monday, March 4. They were not found until this afternoon on Tuesday, March 5. This morning, the police posted a tweet asking anyone with info to contact officers. 

The tweet got an overwhelming response from locals and garnered over 350 retweets in a span of nine hours. Now that all four kids have been found, the police are thanking the public for helping them locate the missing students through using social media. 

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Check out the tweet the Toronto police posted below on Twitter announcing that the missing children had been located. 

The police have not yet shared with the public details of where exactly the four kids were found, and what had happened to the children that caused them to go missing late last night. 

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When the four kids went missing, the case was not necessarily deemed suspicious by the Toronto Police, but they said that they were "concerned" for their safety in their news release. The police also released a photo of the kids and asked for the public's assistance in finding them. 


Torontonians are overjoyed that the four kids have been found. Check out what they had to say below.

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Stay tuned for more updates. The police may release more details about the kids soon. 

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