Toronto's The 519 community is demanding answers following a black trans woman's death, which allegedly occurred while the individual was in police custody.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

According to The 519, a charity that is focused on the health and happiness of LGBTQ2S communities, the woman died after being apprehended and taken to hospital by police under the Mental Health Act.

When a statement was released by police, it was reported that the 30-year-old had also been misgendered as a male. 

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Time and time again, members within the LGBTQ2S community, particularly BIPOC queer, trans, and two-spirit communities, are let down by the organizations that are mandated to serve and protect.

The 519

People have since taken to Twitter, demanding information from Toronto police, using the hashtag #TPSWhatHappened.

TPS has released a brief report on the incident on October 26. A police spokesperson tweeted out today that authorities have released all the "lawfully allowed" info.

Ontario's Special Investigation Unit also released a report last Monday, which stated that a "30-year-old man" had barricaded himself inside of the apartment before police apprehended him. 

However, those explanations have done little to quell the rising tensions between police and the city's gay community. 

"Among the many questions for public officials, why has the SIU published a news release that misgenders the woman who died after being informed of this error?" wrote The 519 in a statement. 

"We refuse to wait any longer for information and answers from the TPS and the SIU that account for this loss of life."

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