After the second batch of tickets for the Infinity Mirrors exhibit went on sale, it seemed that there would finally be enough to go around. Unfortunately, there were still people who missed out on tickets yet again, people were so desperate that they ended up turning to re-selling sites such as StubHub and Kijiji in efforts to get a glimpse of the famed exhibit. 

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Unfortunately for anybody who has already purchased tickets, or is thinking about purchasing tickets from a second party website, you may want to backtrack. The AGO took to their Twitter account to warn exhibit-goers of the issues that can come from doing so. 

Considering that you could be subject to having to show your ID at the exhibit before entering since you didn't actually buy the ticket or put in your personal information, you could get denied at the door. Not only that but scalpers could easily just print several copies of the same ticket and sell them to several people via sites like Kijiji where there is less of a verification process for putting tickets up for sale. 

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With that in mind, it seems like the best thing to do if you don't have tickets is hope that you've got a family friend who managed to snag an extra one you can use. Or just experience it vicariously through others via the AGO location tag, it's the next best thing right?! 

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