Don't let the sunny skies and lack of freezing rain fool you, Toronto is in for some extreme cold weather (again) and the City of Toronto wants you to reconsider your outdoor plans. 

According to them, this comes after receiving some information from Environment Canada on what to expect in Southern Ontario. While the city is currently sitting at a nice and crisp -3°C, we're in for a cold and uncomfortable -15°C tonight. Then a freezing -14°C tomorrow morning. 

Via City Of Toronto

Torontonians are also being told to be careful on the roads with the wet weather freezing over in the cold and turning into black ice. 

Extreme Cold Weather Alerts are issued when the temperature is forecast to reach -15 degrees Celsius or colder, or when the wind chill is forecast to reach -20 or colder. And  Environment Canada is letting everyone know that, "Extreme cold puts everyone at risk. Cover up. Frostbite can develop within minutes on exposed skin, especially with the wind chill."

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Source: City of Toronto

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