Drivers and bikers beware! Toronto has proposed new city by-laws that specifically target loud cars and motorcycles in the city. 

Current Mayor John Tory has asked for a review of the city's noise bylaw to address loud cars and motorcycles in the city. 

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According to the city, the loud vehicles are having a really negative effect on residents and tourism. He says loud vehicles are disrupting people at home, various businesses throughout the city, and are even ruining tourism. 

The city also said that the loud vehicles are causing all these widespread problems all because of driver's egos, given the belief that most loud cars are made that way just to be noticed. 

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The city hasn't proposed what enforcement of a new bylaw or punishments for loud vehicles would be, but they have asked for a review to look at other cities in Canada and the UK and see how they have tackled the issue. 

One city where this kind of law is already in place is Edmonton, Alberta, where drivers and motorcycle riders can be fined $250 if their vehicle or even the music coming from the stereo inside is above a certain noise level. 

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The review is already under-way and will be completed by later in 2019. Any new bylaws won't come into play until after that so for now, drivers are safe to be as loud as they want. 

Source: Toronto Star 


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