As the weather continues to worsen throughout Toronto and strong winds continue to blow, the City of Toronto is warning residents to avoid all non-essential travel throughout the evening. With snow expected to fall throughout the evening, these high winds are predicted to cause whiteout conditions which can be dangerous for driving. These harsh conditions are expected to last throughout the night. 

Environment Canada has released both a wind warning and a blowing snow advisory for the City of Toronto. Strong winds are expected to gust through the city at speeds up to 110 km/hr which can cause power outages, damage to trees and damage to structures such as shingles and windows. 

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Along with these damaging winds, flurries are also expected to fall throughout the night. This fresh snow will be whipped up with the wind creating reduced visibility throughout the city. 

Due to this, the City of Toronto released a statement on Twitter earlier this afternoon to express their concerns about these worsening weather conditions. The City of Toronto is encouraging residents to consider postponing any non-essential travel and to stay safe during these conditions. 

This means that any plans you may have had for the evening should be put off until a later date unless it is absolutely necessary and needs to be attended to immediately. 

These damaging winds are already starting to affect conditions on the road. Peel Regional Police already reported that they are dealing with traffic lights that are becoming detached from their posts due to the strong winds. 

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The OPP is also slowing traffic on both the Burlington and Garden City Skyways as the winds continue to worsen. Slowing down the traffic on these roads is in an attempt to keep travellers safe in these dangerous conditions. 

Pearson airport is also facing over 200 cancellations due to these high winds. Pearson released a statement earlier this morning confirming that multiple cancellations and delays were going to take place throughout the day and travellers should check their flight times before travelling to the airport. 

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So if you absolutely need to travel tonight, make sure to drive safe and give yourself extra time! 

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