Remember that ice storm from last weekend? Of course you do it was horrible and bad, especially because it is THE MIDDLE OF APRIL, WHEN WILL THIS WINTER EVER END???

Well as a result of the ice storm the CN tower had to be closed because ice was falling off it and onto the ground.

They also had to close a number of places around the tower after ice fell from the tower put a hole in the roof of Rogers Centre. People actually had to go onto the roof to fix it, which was crazy.  

Well apparently the area is still in danger of falling ice, here’s what’s open and closed in the area today.  

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The CN tower itself is obviously closed, which is probably terrible if you’re a tourist here to have the most iconic building in the city shut down. 

Ripley’s Aquarium is still closed because it is so close to the tower. One wonders what all the fishes are doing seeing as they don’t have to work today.  

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Bremner Boulevard is closed between Lower Simcoe Street and Rees Street, as is the extension over John Street.

Gates 1-6 of the Rogers Centre are also closed.

Steam Whistle Brewery and The Rec Room are open, you’re asked to only use the south-side entrances today though.  

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There’s no word on when things will open fully again, we’re probably all going to have to wait for all the ice on the tower to melt it seems. 

Source: Toronto Police Services

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