If you had to pick one landmark to identify Toronto with you’d have to pick the CN tower. It’s easily the most recognizable building in the city skyline.

But right now it’s closed. This almost never happens. Really, when was the last time you heard of the CN tower being closed? What could cause this to happen?

The ice storm. Yes that thing that’s been screwing up your commute and ruined your weekend has now also shut down Toronto’s most recognizable tourist attraction.  

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Don’t worry they didn’t just decide ‘hey, lets all just take the day off for no reason’ there is an actual safety concern at play here.

What is that you ask?

Ice is apparently falling off the CN tower. That is scary. Can you imagine if you had to stand in line to get in and suddenly ice fell off from hundreds of feet up and landed near you? Or even worse on you? You’d be lucky to be alive after!  

No injures from ice falling off the tower have been reported yet thankfully but there has been some damage to buildings around the tower.  

Security and police are currently working on putting up security tape around the tower to keep people away.  

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Pedestrians are being advised to avoid the area, for good reason, and officials are monitoring the situation right now.

So if you’re heading downtown, do yourself a favour and avoid the tower!  

And be advised that ice can fall off any building really, as you can see from the video above of ice falling off Rogers Centre.

Source: Toronto Star

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