The DVP and The Gardiner Expressway are frustrating highways to drive on, you're always stuck bumper to bumper in traffic, especially during peak hour -  but hey, be thankful they're not costing you money ATM.

According to the Toronto Star, this may change soon because later on today, Mayor John Tory is set to make an announcement regarding toll enforcement on these two main highways. The money made ( approximately $ 300 million a year) will be used to help the city improve city roads and public transportation. The exact price of the tolls is yet to be set but it said to be between $1.25 and $3.25 for a single trip and trucks paying double.

As a frequent driver of the Gardiner Expressway, I'm completely livid!!! My expenses are already sky rocket high and this change would just completely empty my wallet. Lakeshore is already jammed as much as it is during rush hour, imagine these tolls come into use? You'll be stuck in traffic for hours!

What do you guys think about this potential change? Will this benefit the city? Leave comments below!

Source: Toronto Star 

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