Doug Ford seems to be involved with a lot of LCBO related issues the past year, including extending LCBO store hours. Now, due to a massive amount of theft-related issues throughout the LCBO, the union is calling for a halt on extending alcohol sales into corner stores within the upcoming year. Since then, Ontarians have been commenting on the issue, and they aren’t very happy about it.

According to CP24, for the past four years, the LCBO has been a target of theft more than 9,000 times which has resulted in thousands of dollars of lost revenue. Just in Toronto alone, two people have been arrested who were connected to an organized theft of over $200,000 of liquor products.

OPSEU President, Warren Thomas, states that all of these shoplifting incidents should make the government rethink their alcohol sales in corner stores and grocery stores since it will only make theft easier. He's advising Doug Ford to halt the expansion of alcohol sales in corner stores until this issue can be properly resolved.

Thomas states that, “Nobody should go to work wondering if they might be put in harm’s way over a 15 dollar of Vodka,” and wants to encourage Ford to halt all actions forward on sales of alcohol until the LCBO creates a safer and more reliable security force when it comes to the theft of alcohol products. This halt would be a way to prevent more thefts from happening within different locations outside of the LCBO. 

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However, many Ontarians do not see the issue in the same light as Warren Thomas, and many are angry about the sudden want to halt the extension of alcohol sales since it is taking away promised income to private and family owned businesses.

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Many have taken to Twitter to express their concerns about this theft issue, feeling that the theft incidents are being used by the LCBO as a way to not lose their monopoly on selling alcohol and people are not happy about it.

Many Twitter users have reached out to share their concerns about how these thefts are not related to the extension of alcohol sales and how this income should not be taken away from private businesses to support the union.  

Users are also angry over the fact and assumption that just because the LCBO is dealing with thefts that they are now assuming that other stores will have the same issue, without even giving these businesses a chance to prove themselves. 

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 While some users are confused as to why Doug Ford should even be involved in this issue at all. 

 Source: City News, CP24

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