He can't say he wasn't warned! Toronto Police have finally found and charged the High Park tree-climber who achieved dubious notoriety thanks to an incident just a few days ago, and the fine is pretty hefty. The man has been hit with three separate tickets and fined $1150 in total.

Despite the city slowly starting to reopen some businesses, High Park is still off-limits, especially the cherry blossoms.

Earlier this week, a pair of residents were caught by the live stream on the City of Toronto's YouTube taking a bike into High Park and climbing one of the fenced-off trees.

On Thursday, Toronto Police issued a statement through Twitter announcing they had apprehended and charged the culprit. He has been hit with three separate tickets totalling $1150 in fines.

"On Monday, May 4, 2020, the City of Toronto #BloomCam captured a man who had climbed a cherry blossom tree in High Park which is closed. Significant media led to the man being identified to police," shared TPS on Twitter.

The man was charged with entering into an area of a park posted with prohibited admission, walking where prohibited in a park, and use of a park between 12:01 a.m. and 5:30 a.m. without a permit.

As well as noting the media's role in finding the trespasser, police thanked the public for largely cooperating with their advice and orders.

On Tuesday, Toronto Mayor John Tory had shared some harsh words towards the culprits, stating that they should be nominees for a Darwin Award.

Although there were two culprits on the scene, Toronto Police has only discussed arresting one man.

They have not yet confirmed whether any second party will also be facing charges.

As for other Torontonians looking for the green light to head outdoors, there's a little bit of good news.

During the city's daily press briefing on Wednesday, Tory and City staff changed their previous "stay at home" encouragement to a more optimistic tone advising to "keep your distance."

And as the weather starts to get a little better, you can be sure that more Torontonians will be wanting to head outdoors to get some fresh air.

But consider this a friendly reminder from Toronto Police that High Park still remains closed so getting up close and personal with the trees is a no-go.

You don't want to be over a thousand dollars out of pocket, after all.

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