John Tory, just laying it down. The mayor had some not-so-nice words for Toronto's already-infamous High Park tree-climbers on Monday. While speaking to the media on May 4, Tory called out the duo that decided to climb the cherry blossom trees in front of the live stream cameras.

If you've somehow missed this story, please allow us to recap.

In the early hours of Monday, May 4, viewers of Toronto's High Park cherry blossom live stream were surprised by two people at around 1:45 a.m. posing and climbing on one of the trees.

The park, of course, is closed to the public in line with health advice and the desire to continue social distancing.

And during the city's daily news briefing on Monday, Tory made sure to comment on the now infamous duo and had some harsh, if slightly amusing, words for them.

The mayor was not impressed at all and even suggested that they would be the perfect candidates for a Darwin Award.

"I can’t imagine what appeal the concept of having a beer in a cherry tree in the middle of the night has and then posting it to Instagram. I don’t get that," said Tory when asked about the incident.

"I think they would be excellent candidates on Toronto’s behalf to be nominated for a Darwin award for their behaviour."

If you're uninitiated, according to the Darwin Awards' website, the gongs are given out "honour" those who help in improving the gene pool by simply removing themselves from the human race in a rather dumb way.

"Named in honour of Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, the Darwin Awards represent examples of evolution in action by showing what happens to people who are unable to cope with the basic dangers of the modern world," reads an excerpt.


So, yep, that's a confirmed burn from Mayor Tory.

It might even beat Premier Doug Ford's "bunch of yahoos" statement on COVID-19 protestors.

We can't help but wonder if this one will get the musical video treatment, too?

Tory also said that besides those two individuals, the vast majority of people in the city have actually respected the decision to close High Park.

Toronto's Medical Officer of Health Dr. Eileen De Villa shared positive news in light of social distancing efforts, stating that the risk of infection has dropped enough that, on average, each infected Torontonian is now only passing the virus to one other person.

But, although Toronto and the province seem to be heading in the right direction, even with the possibility of heading to cottages on May 24 weekend, social distancing and current measures will remain in place for the time being.

So stay out of those parks, you pesky kids!

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