Eight years after making his world debut, Toronto's famous IKEA monkey is living his best life in an Ontario sanctuary.

The Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary posted an update about the IKEA monkey on December 10, eight years and a day after his world debut at North York's IKEA.

And according to the sanctuary's post, Darwin — his new name — is adjusting to sanctuary life well and really learning how to be a model young monkey.

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On December 9, 2012, Darwin was found wandering around an IKEA parking lot in North York wearing a very stylish little coat.

At the time, the Globe and Mail reported that Darwin's species (rhesus macaque) was illegal to own in Ontario and that the owner had been charged.

Only a few months old at the time, Darwin is now a young adult monkey and is apparently getting along great with the other residents at the primate sanctuary. 

"Being surrounded by other macaques [has] taught him appropriate monkey behaviours such as grooming and learning that he isn't necessarily first in line to get treats and meals," Story Book's post says.

He clearly has turned into a handsome little devil, even without the fashionable jacket.

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