It's no surprise that practically the entire nation is cheering on the Raptors as they head into Game 5 of the NBA finals. Even big celebrities such as Drake and Obama have been seen cheering on the Raptors from the sidelines during the past few games. However, the Toronto Raptors may have the biggest fan of all as the grandson of the inventor of basketball is now cheering on the team. 

With the Raptors making it to the finals for the first time during NBA history, they have been gaining quite a few fans. During Game 2 between the Raptors and the Warriors, former president of the United States, Barack Obama was even caught heading into Scotiabank Arena to cheer on the team. 

Other top celebrities that have been spotted cheering on the Raptors have been Sawn Mendes, Drake, Lilly Singh, and even Justin Trudeau. However, the fan base for the Raptors just got a whole lot better after it was discovered that Jim Naismith, the grandson of James Naismith is cheering on the Raptors this season. 

According to the NBAJames Naismith, a fellow Canadian, created basketball in December 1891. Now, basketball has taken over North America as fans eagerly await the NBA finals game on Monday. 

Jim Naismith, the grandson of the basketball inventor is finally happy to be able to cheer on a Canadian team during the NBA finals, and shows pride in rooting for the Toronto Raptors. 

Naismith told the Montreal Gazette that "I always remind Americans that in addition to this being a great American game it's also a Canadian game and one with Scottish roots."

Naismith admits that he's been to Toronto where he was given a Raptors sweater that he loves. 

Naismith states that he and his wife have been watching all of the games on the TV while cheering on the Raptors. However, despite cheering on the Raptors he still shows some love for the Warriors. Naismith states that "while I cheer for basketball and respect the Golden State Warriors, I am cheering for the Raptors and Toronto and am excited for the city."

Game 5 of the NBA finals is going to be held Monday, June 10 in Toronto. Let's go Raptors! 

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