Print-at-home tickets have quickly become fans' favourite ways to get their entry passes into a sporting event. They don't have to worry about their tickets getting lost in the mail, they can print them whenever they want and if they lose the original copy, they can reprint a new pair with ease! 

Though the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Toronto Raptors, along with MLSE have decided to ditch the ticketing option in years going forward.

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The change is coming in favour of phasing out paperless ticketing as a whole because of the fake ticket issues that have been plaguing the Air Canada Centre. The main issue is that with print-at-home tickets, many scalpers choose to print several copies of the same tickets and sell them to numerous people. So when 4 people show up with the same pair of tickets, only the first person there is actually going to be let in. 

It's a pretty big problem considering the ACC estimates they turn away around a dozen fans who arrive at Leafs or Raptors games with faulty print-at-home tickets. In order to get rid of the issue for good, MLSE has decided to end the print-at-home option altogether. 

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If you've got tickets to a game this season and they're print-at-home tickets, don't worry. The ban won't set in until next season for the Leafs and Raptors when MLSE expands their mobile ticket program in 2019. All of the teams under MLSE are expected to also be paperless by 2020. Though if you are an old-fashioned cardstock ticket lover, don't worry either, they won't be phasing out those tickets at all. 

So while it the most convenient option for getting your tickets may be leaving this season, it's definitely for the best. Now you'll never have to worry if there are 10 other copies of the tickets you bought on StubHub are floating around! Plus it's definitely a lot better for the environment. 

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