There is an amazing new condominium being built on King Street West right now and one thing's for sure, Toronto has never seen architecture like this before. From the look of photos, the new building will be a history-making landmark for the city.

The King Street Condominiums are anticipated to be one of the most significant projects in the city’s history. The unique building design by Bjarke-Ingels was inspired by a mountain range.

Via The King Street Condominiums

Not competing with Vancouver’s mountain ranges, Toronto’s future landmark looks super modern with its pixelated design. Rooftop terraces with greenery will line each of the building’s peaks making for prime patios.

The interior design plans look seriously impressive, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows with a beautiful city view. Each unit is rotated 45 degrees from the street grid. This will allow for spacious rooms and optimal exposure to daylight.

Via The King Street Condominiums

In the center of the development will be a courtyard meant to act as a common space for pedestrians as well as a spot to host special events. The public plaza will be a cool mixture of lush green landscape and an urban-style court.

The 16-storey building will have tons of room for housing as well as retail space and boutique offices. By the looks of those rooftop terraces, they’ll also have tons of room for epic rooftop parties. Note to self: make new friends at King Street Condominiums.

Via The King Street Condominiums

No word yet on how much one of these condos will cost. However, I’m going to say this is one of those times I will absolutely judge a book by its cover, they look f*cking expensive. Back to my rental apartment I go!

Source: Big King West


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