Some pretty wild things happen on Toronto's subway trains, and you can actually be fined hundreds of dollars for many seemingly random offences that you've probably never heard of, or expected. The TTC has a full list of bylaws and the subsequent fines for breaking them on their website and it definitely makes for an interesting read. You may have even broken a couple of these rules yourself without realizing it.

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There are currently a total of 57 offences that can result in TTC passengers getting fined. The lowest ticket price for committing one of the offences is $235 and can be as high as $425. 

Some tickets are more predictable, such as a $235 fine for refusing to pay the fare or a $435 fine for an invalid fare media. There are many random offences though, so check out this roundup of some of the more unexpected or interesting fines. 

It's interesting how some of these offences seem way more intense in comparison to one another, but result in the same ticket fine – such as how placing your feet on a seat and "urinating, expectorating or defecating on TTC property" both equate to a $235 fine.

If you're curious to see the full list of offences, you can visit the TTC's website

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Failure to wear shoes, boots or sandals on TTC property

Fine: $235. 

Placing foot or feet, laying on, or soiling a seat of vehicle

Fine: $235

Lying down on TTC property

Fine: $235

Improper language or gestures on TTC property

Fine: $235

Urinating, expectorating or defecating on TTC property

Fine: $235

Wearing roller-skates on TTC property

Fine: $235

Enter or exit transit system through a non-designated entrance or exit

Fine: $425

Travelling on the exterior of a TTC vehicle

Fine: $235

Leaning out of window of a vehicle

Fine: $235

Shining light at passenger or operator

Fine: $235

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