It's been nearly two weeks since cannabis was officially legalized in Canada and with it the mass openings of provincial cannabis retailers across the country. In Ontario, the sole provider for recreational cannabis is an online shop called the Ontario Cannabis Store. Naturally, with nearly the entire province on the website on legalization day making orders and only one provider having the legal means to carry them out, OCS dropped the ball hard

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A major portion of the 150,000 Ontarians who ordered on legalization day still don't have their orders. On top of that, many people who have sought help from the OCS regarding their order have received horrendous customer service, some mentioning that customer service representatives have started to hang up on customers. Even when the President of OCS issued an email to customers, he received major backlash from angry customers: 

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Via Reddit

Via Reddit

Many presumed the OCS would be able to get through the chaos without getting reprimanded considering they are the only cannabis provider in the province, and the Canada Post strike caused major shipping delays. But, it turns out that actually might not be the case. 

The ombudsman of Ontario, who is essentially the watchdog of the province, has released notice this morning that they have indeed received the complaints that Ontarians have been filing.

While there is no formal investigation per say and the number of complaints received was not disclosed, they are investigating every complaint and are looking to help resolve the current issues. 

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Though if things continue to get worse for OCS customers, the ombudsman does have the capacity to conduct a formal investigation into the cannabis provider. Though in order to do that, written intent of an investigation must be sent to the OCS before taking it public. 

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Clearly, it's been a rough start for Ontario in the legal cannabis world and considering a single provider is expected to serve a province with 14.9 million people living in it, it doesn't really come as much surprise. Though, if there is any bright side to this situation, this does serve as further evidence that a privatized cannabis market may not be the best fit for Ontario. 

Source: Globe and Mail 

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