After numerous complaints from Ontario customers, the Ontario Cannabis Store - the province's only source for legal weed - has finally spoken out in an attempt to explain their store policies. 

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In a statement to the Ottawa Citizen, the OCS spoke about both the delivery delays and confusing payments that Ontarians have been complaining about. But, after thoroughly reading their lengthy explanation, we're just as confused as ever.


First, the OCS acknowledged the massive delivery delays but they didn't accept any of the blame. Instead, they said that Canada Post is at fault for the delays due to the rotating strikes that are sweeping across Canada right now. 

This is confusing, though, since long before the strikes even began, the OCS reassured people that they have a contingency plan to make sure products still got delivered in the event of a strike. Given that a plan was allegedly in place, that now raises the question as to why it wasn't used and why the strike is being blamed for delays in the first place when the OCS could have done something about it. 

The second issue the OCS addressed was their payment process. Many customers have been complaining that they placed an order and had their credit card charged, but then the charge was refunded a couple days later, leaving them in limbo on the status of their orders. 

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In response to these complaints, the OCS said that the cards are first charged as a pre-authorization but then the funds are refunded to the customer's card. The OCS then says the card is recharged when the item ships. Although pre-authorizations are an option for credit card payments, essentially they place a hold on the funds. Not many online retailers use them and if your card is refunded that means it has been over five days and your order still hasn't been processed. 

To add to the confusion there is a new emerging theory about the OCS. Recently, people who realized that the OCS president is named Patrick Ford, are now wondering if he is related to the Premier.

While a Reddit thread on the topic makes a lot of jokes about the possible relationship there, it remains unknown for sure if they are relatives of the last names are just a coincidence. 

After attempting to clear up the delays and complaints, it is clear that despite their explanations, the OCS gave no solutions. They also state that customers will still be facing continuing delays in waiting to get their orders delivered. 

Source: Ottawa Citizen 

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