Ontario’s new PC government led by premier Doug Ford has been in power for less than six months and is already being hit with major lawsuits.

You may have heard that recently car manufacturer Tesla sued the government over cancelling rebates for electric vehicles made by the company and won.

Well, less than a week later there’s news that the provincial government is about to get sued again.

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This time it isn’t a company taking action against what the PCs have done, it's Ontarians who have been part of a test of basic income in the province.

The previous Liberal government of the province launched the project in April of 2017, with participants being told they’d receive a cheque each month for the next three years.

In July, the new government announced it would be ending the program, although hasn’t provided a specific date for when it will stop handing out the money. 

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Some of the participants are now taking legal action against the government, saying they were never told before the announcement by Doug Ford’s party that the program would be ending.

Their lawyer, Mike Perry, filed a notice of action against the government earlier this week.

“Legal actions against the government are hard. But this is why the courts are there: for people to seek justice when governments stray and the political process isn't working,” Perry said in a statement. 

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According to Perry, the lawsuit will be launched on the grounds of, "anticipatory breach of contract, negligence, and misfeasance in public office."

So, it’s safe to say that the few last weeks haven't been good for the government legally. 

Source: Huffington Post

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